Precision Pastures’ latest recruit, Drew Walsh, tells us what excites him about precision agriculture, agtech, and the skills he’s honing as our Soils and Pasture agronomist.

Describe your role at Precision Pastures.

As the Soils and Pasture Agronomist at Precision Pastures, I am involved in the data collection and analysis for the many agronomic services we offer. Some such as soil grid sampling, pasture biomass trials, soil moisture probes and electromagnetic surveys. A lot of responsibility, but a lot of satisfaction! 

What was your undergraduate qualification and where did you study? Why?

I studied a Bachelor of Rural Science here in Armidale at the University of New England (UNE). Having numerous older friends attend UNE and give it a great wrap, as well as it being a hub for likeminded people from all parts of Australia and the world, UNE had my name written all over it. The friendships and connections I have made whilst studying at UNE will be lifelong. 

How did you find out about Precision Pastures?

An advertisement for available positions on the Precision Pastures team was posted within my college by a Robb College, Senior College Room alumnus Hamish Webb. Further to this, a couple of friends of mine had worked causally with Precision Pastures and couldn’t speak higher of the team. I was interested from the get-go and now here I am!

What excites you about the agronomy and precision agriculture specifically?

The process of measuring soil and pasture attributes to assist famers better manage their property and increase their production potential is what excites me. Seeing a farmer show interest, and then gratitude after the Precision Pastures team has been involved is what drives me to continue down the precision agriculture pathway. 

It’s a very exciting time within the precision agriculture sector with new equipment and machines being constantly developed and improved, I am very lucky to be able to use some of the latest agtech on a daily basis. 

  • Describe your typical day at Precision Pastures.

There is no typical day as part of the Precision Pastures team! Due to the amount of valuable services Precision Pastures offers, every day is different. I feel that this is one of the many reasons as to why the team here is always so interested and engaged in helping and delivering truthful advice. 

  • Is there a particular highlight so far during your graduate position?

One of the numerous highlights so far is meeting valuable contacts through the precision agriculture and agronomic sectors that share both similar and contrasting views. These connections have allowed me to broaden my knowledge whilst sharing my own. 

  • What are your medium to long-term career aspirations?

I am very intrigued by international farming and how precision agriculture is implemented. I would love to experience how farming practices in other countries are implementing ag-tech and learn the reasons as to why they are done differently. Being involved in the development of an internationally beneficial ag-tech device would be something I wouldn’t turn down either!