The Precision Pastures team soil testing for a carbon farming project


We can provide the best pasture management strategies to optimise your carrying capacity.

understanding your pastures

Livestock producers know that the key to production is managing pasture.

We can provide the best pasture mixes and treatments plans to optimise your production system.

Your stock need the right pasture, at the right time.

Sometimes this means that the best pasture may not simply the fastest growing, or the highest protein levels.

It is important to understand your current pasture and your pasture requirements.

“Being a part of the Precision Pastures trial gave us access to a range of data we had never had before. They tracked our pasture’s growth rate, botanical composition and soil fertility from year to year. This was at a reduced cost too, with funding from the MLA.”

– Rob Perkins, Ebor, NSW


  • Reduce Constraints

    Identifying, prioritising and solving the constraints on your farm’s pasture can be the most effective way to maximise production. Whether it is a common regional soil constraint such as acidity or nutrient deficiency or a unique or local constraint such as compaction or inappropriate introduced species, our experience and accurate measurement provide clients an accurate and reliable process to identify, prioritise and solve these constraints.

  • Optimise Pasture Production

    Not all pasture programs suit all farms. “A dairy farm needs different pastures to an ultra fine wool farm”. At Precision Pastures, we take a holistic approach to understand your farm, your production systems and your long term objectives. With this approach we can recommend and monitor bespoke improvement programs and ensure that you are getting the optimum pasture production to meet your objectives.

Getting it right

We take a holistic approach to understanding your production system and identifying the best varieties and combinations to meet your objectives.

We consider your rainfall and weather patterns, your soil test data and your livestock nutrition requirements to get a bespoke solution that gives you results.

Then we can monitor those results over the long term and provide scorecard assessments of yield and grazing performance.

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