Are you new to soil carbon or an experienced professional…? We can help you from start to finish. We provide fast and efficient Carbon Starter Reports, baseline soil testing, and complete end to end soil carbon project services.

Carbon Starter Report


Put your soil data first and central in your production decisions. We use the latest technology and equipment to collect soil data and create tailored prescriptions to resolve issues and address constraints.



Is your pasture production at its optimum potential? We specialise in establishing custom pasture mix prescriptions to suit your environment and production system.


Research and Development

We work closely with Meat and Livestock Australia and other industry leaders across several research projects to further our collective understanding of soil, pasture and carbon.

Research and development

What We Do

Precision Pastures is an independent soil, pasture and carbon services company.

We use the latest technology, satellite imagery and GPS soil testing equipment to assist farmers across Australia to achieve their production objectives.

We put data first and central to all our services and back it up with direct access to our agronomists and support staff.

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Farm mapping

Utilising GPS and satellite imagery to create digital farm maps including paddock boundaries and soil & vegetation zones.

Soil surveys

Utilising electromagnetic, NDVI, bulk density, gamma and other satellite imagery for VRA and strategic fertiliser prescriptions.

Pasture Improvements

Utilising comprehensive soil sampling, testing, satellite imagery and soil surveys to create tailored pasture improvement programs.

On-farm trials

On-farm research trials (partnering with Meat & Livestock Australia and other research institutes) to lead the way in new soil, pasture and carbon research.

Soil carbon sampling

Utilising the latest equipment and fully-trained team that meets the high standards of soil carbon sampling for private and wholesale clients.

Carbon farming services

Providing individual services or complete end-to-end solutions for farmers seeking to undertake a soil carbon project.




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Australian Carbon Credit Units

ACCU Managed


Soil carbon farming involves sequestering CO2 in agricultural soils. Australian farmers who register a soil carbon project with the Clean Energy Regulator will receive one Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) for every ton of CO2 removed from the atmosphere and stored in their soils.

Soil carbon farming can also benefit agricultural production via increased moisture retention and increased crop and pasture yields.


Aligning eligible activities of a new soil carbon project with your production objectives is our speciality.

We can comprehensively assess your soil, pasture and carbon levels to determine the best eligible activity, which may include applying lime, gypsum, synthetic or organic fertilisers, changing stocking density or switching from permanent cropping to mixed pasture production.

If we get this alignment right, you can maximise your production and generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) at the same time.

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