The Precision Pastures team soil testing for a carbon farming project


We use the latest technology and equipment to collect soil data and create tailored prescriptions to resolve soil health issues and address production constraints. 

Understanding your soils

The soil in your paddocks is the key to your production… you can only produce what your soil will allow. 

The first step in understanding your soil, is to collect independent, accurate and statistically meaningful data.

Is there a pH issue such as acidity or alkalinity?

Is there a major nutrient deficiency such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium or sulphur? 

Is there a present toxicity such as aluminium, sodicity or magnesium?

Once we understand your soils, we can establish and prioritise your soil treatment plan.

Our Technology

We use the latest spatial technology, together with state-of-the-art and custom-built electromagnetic and sampling equipment to get you the best possible data at the best possible price. 

Our satellite imagery allows us to identify your soil types zones for a tailored sampling plan, which can save you at least 20% in soil sampling costs compared to grid sampling. 

Our soil carbon sampling rigs are custom built, to travel further and faster, push deeper and through harder material.


  • Identifying soil health issues

    Every farm production system starts with healthy soils and almost every soil has health issues or opportunities for improvement. These issues may include acidity (or alkalinity), deficiencies, sodicity or toxicity. At Precision Pastures, we can identify all these common chemical soil health issues as well as non-traditional or biological issues and form a clear set of priorities to address.

  • Solving soil health issues

    Precision Pastures don’t sell seed. We don’t sell fertiliser, chemicals or any farming or production methodologies. We put your soil data first and central to all our prescriptions and treatment plans and can advise you on variable rate applications, potential suppliers and ideas to maximise your investment into soil health.

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