Thank you to all our valued clients who have shared their experience of Precision Pastures.

“A targeted approach to fertiliser application through Precision Pastures’ soil mapping technology has been “invaluable” to my property.”

Bill Perrottet

‘Urandangie’, Guyra, NSW

“We asked Precision Pastures to conduct a soil test program to work out how best to subdivide our country, and ensure we were applying the right fertiliser to the right areas, at the right rate. These recommendations meant a huge cost-saving”

Gary Olrich

Woolbrook, NSW

“Precision Pastures helped us identify our soil constraints. They also helped us to understand our property’s potential to sequester carbon and become involved in a soil carbon project.”

Hamish Webb

‘Myanbah’, Yarrowyck, NSW

“The soil testing process is very accurate and gives an objective measurement so we have something to work with.”

Jess MacDougall

Wattletop Angus, Guyra, NSW

“It seems logical to me that you should put your fertilizer where you need it, and don’t put it where you don’t. That way you’re not wasting your money.”

Jim Nivison

‘Ohio North’, Walcha, NSW

“Precision Pastures manages all our annual fertiliser application, from collaborating on which rate to put on which paddock, to calculating the amount of fertilizer we have to order for the spread.”

Sam White

Bald Blair Angus, Guyra, NSW

“We are using Precision Pastures to undertake our carbon baseline sampling as a part of our Australian carbon sequestration project. They’re local, they’re knowledgeable, and they’re great to work with.”

Simon Wright

Wongwibinda Station, Wollomombi, NSW