Soil carbon farming on the radar of Central West NSW farmers – free seminar to advance knowledge

Drew Walsh and Hamish Webb

New England-based carbon and agronomy business Precision Pastures will host a free soil carbon farming seminar in Dubbo next Friday March 24 at the Dubbo Rhino Lodge, kicking off from 8:30am.

The event will provide an opportunity to hear from farmers and industry experts about soil carbon farming, how it works and how it can potentially benefit on-farm production and generate carbon credits.

Speakers include:

Speaker, Precision Pastures general manager operations, Drew Walsh: ‘How to increase soil carbon in livestock production systems.’
Speaker, Hamish Webb (Armidale): ‘How and why am I doing a soil carbon project on my farm?’
Speaker, farmer Mark Luckie (Dubbo area): ‘How and why am I doing a soil carbon project on my farm?’
Speaker, Select Carbon soil scientist Dr Susan Orgill: ‘What is soil carbon and how does it work?’
Speaker, Loam Bio co-founder Guy Webb will present on ‘How to increase soil carbon in cropping production systems.’

Precision Pastures executive director and interim CEO Hamish Webb said farmers in the Central West, being a region rich in agricultural production, could stand well to benefit from soil carbon farming projects that would add to production gains on-farm, but also provide an added bonus of carbon credits in future.  

“The Central West has all of the environmental characteristics which bode well for successful soil carbon projects – be it the fertile soils but also mixed farming with integrated cropping and livestock,” Mr Webb said.

“For some time now we have been fielding regular inquiries from the local farmers in the area – people want to know more about the soil carbon opportunity. They’re asking us, how does it work with existing production activities, how much does it cost, and what are the risks involved?” 

Although the soil carbon method looks like a win-win for producers, Mr Webb explains it is relatively new and a bit complex. 

“Hosting an event in Dubbo would be a perfect opportunity to share what we have learnt with other producers, agronomists and service providers across the Central West,” he said. 

“We [Precision Pastures] have always focused on the established production benefits from increasing soil carbon, such as improved pasture growth, soil biology and moisture retention. If we can get that right first, then the carbon credits will look after themselves,” he said.

Mr Webb highlighted that soil carbon sequestration allows farmers to continue to use their land as they’ve always intended – to produce and fatten livestock – but with the added potential to generate future income through carbon credits.

The independent soil, pasture and carbon agronomy business, established in 2015, is growing fast, hiring agronomists and soil and pasture technicians and acquire additional customised soil sampling equipment to meet the increasing demand from Australian farmers considering soil carbon farming. The business already has more than 200 ‘first-mover’ clients who are currently undertaking or exploring a soil carbon project on their farm, located across Eastern Australia. 

Event information:

Soil Carbon Seminar hosted by Precision Pastures

Date: Friday 24th March
Time: 8.30am – 12.30pm
Location: Rhino Lodge, 14L Camp Road, Dubbo NSW 2830
Location: Rhino Lodge, 14L Camp Road, Dubbo NSW 2830

For media enquiries, please contact:

Hamish Webb
CEO, Precision Pastures
0427 587 150

Kate Wade
Event Manager, One More Event
0407 781 607

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